Anatomy Demonstrator

Fixed TermTemporary
  • SALARY & BENEFITS Hourly rate of £20.52
Job Description

Anatomy Demonstrators teach and supervise via tutorials, dissections and other classes, undergraduate students in the Department of Anatomy, as well as those students studying Dental and Medical programmes. Demonstrators are also involved in the teaching of external groups (e.g. osteopaths, sport therapists, nurses etc.).

Demonstrators may be required occasionally to assist in the setting and marking of “spot” examinations. Some of our Demonstrators are also required to design, teach and assess a series of tutorials on the Advanced Human Anatomy module.

Anatomy Demonstrator Posts

There are 12 Anatomy Demonstrator posts in the Department of Anatomy, King’s College London. These are standalone 9 month appointments based at Guy’s Campus, near London Bridge.

Demonstrators are employed from September to May each year.

Support Provided for Anatomy Demonstrators

All Demonstrators are given expert guidance on the subject of Anatomy and training for postgraduate surgical and radiological examinations. The education programme is currently led by Professor Harold Ellis.

All Demonstrators will be given reasonable time to sit professional surgical examinations and to attend recognised courses of study.

Demonstrators will receive instruction on aspects of Clinical Anatomy relevant to the classes in which they are involved. These will be delivered by academic members of the Department responsible for organising the Dental, Medical and Science courses.

All Demonstrators are offered research opportunities, which are discussed with them upon arrival. Supervision and guidance for these projects are given by the academic staff of the Department.

Demonstrators are encouraged to present their projects at a scientific meeting (e.g. British Association of Clinical Anatomy), and to submit an abstract or paper for publication. Such research is not obligatory but useful in today’s competitive postgraduate training.

Weekly teaching meetings provide a forum for the Demonstrators to discuss any issues and plan for the week ahead.


Demonstrators will be paid only for hours spent teaching, conducting or invigilating examinations and preparing prosections.

Demonstrators are paid an hourly rate of £20.52. There is a standard monthly payment of 25 hours, with the balance paid at the end of the contract. The actual number of hours worked will vary between Demonstrators. Any overpaid money may be deducted from the final salary or, where this is not possible, recovered separately.

Teaching to external groups conducted within the Department is paid at a higher rate of £40.00 per hour. This teaching is optional and is usually done by sign-up on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Application Process

We welcome applications from clinically qualified graduates in medicine.

Applications are invited from March in the year in which you wish to apply and the closing date is the end of April.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview and tour of the Department and feedback on applications will not be provided.

Please ensure that any attachment has your name (firstname + surname) appended and the Subject Heading of the email has “Demonstrator Application” included.

**** To apply for an Anatomy Demonstrator post please email a CV and covering letter, stating why you are suited
to the post, to Applicants are NOT REQUIRED to complete an application form****

Closing date: 30 April 2018

If you have questions about this role, please contact: Dr Alistair Hunter, Senior Lecturer and Academic Manager, Tel: 020 7848 6073, Email:,