Black Inclusion Week 2024

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 Online

Black Inclusion Week is a chance to celebrate Black talent and expertise across multiple sectors and industries.

Additionally, it promotes an opportunity to analyse how to improve Black individuals’ representation, promotion and recognition. This year’s theme is ‘Empowered for change: Building a better future together’, and it enables a chance to look inward on an organisational and individual level.

This panel discussion is facilitated by Ruth-Anne Eghan, I&D expert from Inclusive Employers.

Ruth-Anne Eghan is an Inclusion and Diversity Consultant at Inclusive Employers. Ruth-Anne’s background began in law, specialising in employment law, law with new technologies, family law, and EU law.

Within the last five years Ruth-Anne has developed and delivered I&D training on cultural awareness and inclusion and diversity strategy within recruitment. During this time, she has completed an MA in Human Resources Management with Keele University, as well as gaining an Associate Membership with the CIPD. Find out more about Ruth.

What will you learn

  • Black Inclusion Week 2024: Empowered for Change: Building a better future together
  • What are the barriers to bringing about change and building a better future
  • The importance of representation, promotion, and recognition of Black talent in bringing about change
  • Sustainable Change: Performative allyship vs genuine allyship in the workplace
  • Black Community: Tips and advice for Colleagues

Who is this for?

  • Level – Advanced
  • I&D specialists

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Black Inclusion Week

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