Bristol Jobs Fair

Wednesday, August 7, 2024 Ashton Gate Stadium

The Bristol Jobs Fair is on Wednesday 7th August 2024 at Ashton Gate Stadium, 10am to 1pm.

Are you recruiting staff and interested in exhibiting at this event? Please visit and enquire today.

Why Visit the Job Fair to look for work?

Networking Opportunities - Job fairs provide a platform for networking with recruiters, hiring managers, and representatives from various companies. Building connections can open doors to job opportunities now or in the future.

Direct Interaction - Job fairs allow you to engage directly with employers. You can ask questions, learn about company cultures, and get a better understanding of job roles and requirements.

Explore Job/Career Options - Job fairs feature a diverse range of companies from different industries. This gives you the chance to explore various career paths and industries you might not have considered otherwise.

Face-to-Face Impressions - Meeting employers face-to-face allows you to make a memorable impression beyond what a CV or online application can convey. Your personality, communication skills, and enthusiasm can shine in person.

Access to Hidden Opportunities - Not all job openings are advertised online. Companies often attend job fairs to fill positions quickly or to find candidates with specific skills. Attending a job fair gives you access to these hidden opportunities.

Learn about the Job Market - Job fairs provide insights into the current job market trends, including in-demand skills, salary ranges, and hiring expectations. This information can help you tailor your job search strategy.

Professional Development - Get tips on how to improve your CV, Interview Skills, and build your confidence talking to employers by attending a Job fair.

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