Creative & Cultural Skills - A Best Practice Guide to Recruitment

Thursday, February 23, 2023 CoLab Dudley

For the last three years, Creative and Cultural Skills has been delivering ACE-funded Fair Access programme across England. As this programme comes to a close, Creative and Cultural Skills and the West Midlands Cultural Leadership Board are delighted to bring their most successful workshops to the Black Country.


During the period January to March 2023, they will be delivering both their "Best Practice Guide to Recruitment for Creative Managers" and their "Introduction to Apprenticeships" sessions to venues across the Black Country.

Each session lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours and will be delivered twice.

Creative and Cultural Skills and the West Midlands Cultural Leadership Board look forward to working with cultural enterprises and creative businesses in the Black Country, and sharing all that they have learned in delivering these sessions over the last three years.

A Best Practice Guide to Recruitment

We want to help employers introduce changes by shifting the way we approach recruitment and how we might use different entry routes to help us open our doors to a much wider pool of talent, and in doing so support social mobility.

This session is focused on helping employers understand recruiting for potential and works to cover:

• The difference between diversity and inclusion

• The definition of different work-based entry routes into the sector including Work Experience, Industry Placements, Internships, Apprenticeships,

• Volunteering and Voluntary Workers

• The basic legalities associated with each and how understanding the legalities can help improve diversity and inclusion

• Making a job description more inclusive and understanding the difference between positive action and positive discrimination

• Introducing a workforce recruitment policy

Please note that CoLab Dudley space was designed as a retail unit, so while the main space is step-free from the pavement, the venue doesn't have accessible toilets. There is a flight of stairs to an upper level where the kitchen and toilets are.