Evaluate – Reviewing and understanding your employee lifecycle and recruitment process

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 Online Event

This series of panel events will help to guide and inspire you on your inclusion journey and is perfect for all organisations, regardless of which stage you’re at. Each event will focus on one of Inclusive Employers’ six pillars of inclusion – Engage, Equip, Empower, Embed, Evaluate and Evolve. The pillars give the accreditation the framework to measure inclusion success.

You will have the opportunity to hear and also share best practice, engage with other organisations and learn more about our Inclusive Employers Standard.

We’re excited to announce that our speakers this month will be Chris Buckley (Head of Organisation Development) and Nicky Shearer (Organisation Development and Culture Manager) from East Midlands Railway. They will be talking about their use of data around candidate attraction and monitoring to develop a fair recruitment process.

This webinar is hosted by Emily Pattinson, Senior Inclusive Employers Standard Programme Lead from Inclusive Employers.

Emily has many years’ experience working in diversity and inclusion across many sectors. Prior to joining Inclusive Employers, Emily attained their PhD in psychology in 2018 and has driven inclusion forward through research into health and societal inequalities. Find out more about Emily.

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