EVENT: Putting A Stop To Microaggressions And Banter

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

We know that it is the subtle forms of exclusion which are the most insidious and which can be the most destructive when we are seeking to build inclusive cultures.

Microaggressions and exclusionary behaviours such as banter prevent us from creating workplaces that feel safe and where people can contribute ideas that are fresh and different and which may lead to innovation. They also reduce our sense of belonging and consequently our performance. In this session we will explore the nature of microaggressions and banter in the workplace, their impact and how we can tackle these from an organisational perspective.

What we will cover:

  • What we mean by ‘microaggressions’ and ‘banter’
  • Evidence of the impact of these behaviours on workplace culture and performance
  • The conditions that enable these behaviours to thrive at work, and consequently
  • How to address these behaviours from an organisational perspective

Who should attend:

  • Inclusion and Diversity managers
  • HR professionals
  • Culture Change leaders
  • Network leads
  • Colleagues thinking differently about inclusion and diversity

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