EVENT: Women Executives Forum: Ambition, Advancement And Career-Pathing

Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Women Executives Forum explores the challenges and opportunities facing women executives in the C-suite. As one of the 41 Drivers of Change in ForesightWorks, “Empowered Women” is a significant area of development and programmatic priority for ASAE. Through the Women Executives Forum, ASAE explores and acts on our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in general, and the achievement of gender parity in association leadership specifically.

Women Executives Forum workshops throughout 2021 will feature notable speakers from the association, nonprofit, and public sectors. Following each thought-provoking presentation, participants will join facilitated small group discussions to explore topics in depth with their peers.

Supporting other women in their leadership journeys has been identified as a top priority by C-Suite leaders. To that end, the 2021 Women Executives Forum has been designed to facilitate this important process. C-Suite participants are encouraged to invite one “mentee” to join the program. Upon registration, they will be provided with a discounted registration code for their “plus one”. Mentees will participate in parallel cohort discussions following each session, providing for unique perspectives to bring back and explore with their mentor.

Please join us for session three, Ambition, Advancement and Career-Pathing.

Should women feel as free as men to embrace their ambition? Yes. Are they treated differently than men when they do so? Also yes.

Numerous research studies assert that we still assign uniquely different values to personality characteristics when attributed to men and women. In one well-known study, an ambitious Howard and an ambitious Heidi behave in the same manner, and Howard is described as “confident, someone you’d want to work with,” while Heidi is “aggressive, not a good fit.”

The oft-cited pay gap widens as women move up the career path, and women are still underrepresented in top executive roles and receive less access to senior leaders. Among ASAE members, while women outnumber men 3 to 1 in entry level jobs, at the executive level the numbers are roughly equal. we see significantly fewer women in top executive roles.

As the Executive Director of GEN and Lecturer at the University of Washington’s School of Information, Sara Sanford’s research focuses on how biases play out in the workplace and how certain processes and behaviors can counter them. In this session, she will identify methods that women can use in the face of these biases to shift power dynamics in their favor and help promote other women on their career journeys. Acknowledging the unique barriers women face, Sara provides actionable tools for leveling the playing field.

This session will explore these gender disparities in both perception and reality, and steps that women leaders can take to promote other women on their career journeys.

Registration for this workshop will close Wednesday, March 31st at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Participants will have access to recorded sessions, reference materials, and more for up to 30 days following the program.

Accessibility Features:

This program will be hosted via Zoom and will have captioning provided by Otter.ai.

During the program, the content leader will be utilizing breakout rooms for group work. Otter.ai captioning is not available in the breakout rooms. If you would like to request a live captioner to be available in the breakout room, please reach out to Courtney Peck