Improving Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Education and Careers

Thursday, February 9, 2023 Shure 24 King William Street London

Join the conversation about the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in STEM education and careers - a priority for us all


‘A more diverse science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce is not simply desirable in terms of equality, but necessary if we are to maximise individual opportunity and meet economic need. Studying STEM subjects at school, college or university opens doors to a huge range of careers. There isn’t a typical ‘STEM job’ and yet there is a persistent ‘STEM stereotype’ that is learned at a young age, mirrored in STEM workforce demographics, and which needs to be deconstructed. Increasing the diversity of those choosing to study or begin working in STEM is only part of the challenge; there is still change required to ensure that STEM working environments are inclusive and places where individuals have an equal opportunity to participate and advance’ *

Recent data from the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG )on Diversity and Inclusion in STEM show that 65% of the STEM workforce are white men. In the UK’s labour force at the end of 2019, 5.9 million (18%) out of a workforce of 32.8 million worked in STEM occupations. However, the STEM workforce has a lower share of female workers (27% vs. 52%)

We know that many of our partners across business and education are working hard to improve diversity within their workforce and have a lot of good experiences and initiatives to share. However, we also know that there are still more things we all can do.

As we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are bringing together our partners from business and wider for our first business breakfast of 2023. It will be an opportunity to discuss why it is important to break down the stereotypes and encourage more girls to consider STEM as something for them - and not just the traditional roles

Join us on Thursday 9th February from 8am – 9.30am to discuss this very important subject. It is an interactive event with an opportunity to hear from our invited expert panel, share advice and experiences, as well as support each other to promote a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Our confirmed panellists are:

  • Lesley Whyte-Venables: Regional Network Lead for London - STEM Learning
  • Brooklyn Thirkettle: Team Lead - Product Analytics, Global STEM Programme Lead - Just Eat
  • Nicola Brittain: Chief Editor - WISE Campaign
  • Arepresentative from Shure

Addressing the challenges now is essential; not only to help address the current skills shortage this country is facing but also to ensure our young people have the tools and confidence, whatever their background, to become our STEM workforce of the future

P lease ensure you choose the correct ticket type when registering as 'In person' places are limited. Thank you

* Ref:Improving Diversity in STEM: A report by the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) May 2014

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