Inclusive Language Approaches

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Webinar overview

Inclusive language is central to inclusive spaces, yet there are both overt and more subtle challenges holding us back.

When we can talk about inclusion and exclusion, we can begin to understand the challenges and make improvements. Yet, fear of getting it wrong is the overt challenge that holds many of us back. Because language changes, evolving over time, we can find ourselves worried that the words we have to explain what we think and see aren’t the right words.

The more subtle challenge is less about the words and more about the context in which we use them. Stereotypes are biases that we’ve picked up from our environment. These often influence our communications without us realising it. For example, talking about a female engineer, or a male nanny. Adding gender to the role, when we wouldn’t do that for the opposite sex. Subtly reinforcing that these are not normal within our society. Subtle ‘othering’ through our language sends messages on the status quo for different groups, making it more difficult to challenge and change.

What will you learn

This webinar will explore the challenges and barriers to truly inclusive language, sharing top tips on how to confidently get involved in the conversation and improve your inclusive language skills.

  • Why inclusive language is needed
  • What holds us back, and how to move past the fear
  • Examples of how stereotypes shape our language
  • Top tips to make your verbal and written communications more inclusiv

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who’d like to learn more about inclusive language
  • Inclusion and Diversity managers
  • HR professionals
  • Change makers
  • Network leads


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