Influencing and communicating effectively across cultures

Monday, June 10, 2024 Online

In today’s interconnected world, global organisations operate across diverse cultures, languages, and time zones. Effective communication is more than just language proficiency; it’s about understanding cultural nuances, building trust, and influencing outcomes.

Join us for an insightful event where experts share strategies and practical tips for communicating effectively across cultures.

This webinar is hosted by  Matheus Carvalho, Director of Global Services and Liliana Corrieri, Senior Inclusion Diversity Consultant

Matheus Carvalho is Director of Global Services at Inclusive Employers, working closely with clients to provide them with training solutions and inclusion strategies to support their organisations. Matheus leads on Inclusive Leadership training, and on Global Inclusion strategies and training. Find out more about Matheus.

Liliana joined Inclusive Employers in March 2023 as Senior Inclusion and Diversity Consultant. She is originally from Italy, and she holds a master’s degree in intercultural relations. She lived and worked in different countries, and across sectors and cultures bringing together an interesting blend of lived and learnt experience. Find out more about Liliana.

What will you learn 

  • Cultural intelligence as a key skill to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. We will explore how to apply this to a work context operating in a multicultural global environment, regardless of your level in the organisation.
  • How understanding high and low context cultures and the difference between implicit cues and explicit communication will help you succeed.
  • Giving feedback across cultures, exploring culturally sensitive ways to give feedback by recognising that feedback norms vary.
  • Persuasion strategies, where we will learn how to influence others across cultures by understanding their values, beliefs, and decision-making processes. Tailor your persuasive techniques accordingly.

Join us for an engaging session where we delve into the art of bridging cultural gaps, fostering collaboration, and achieving impactful communication across borders. Whether you’re a seasoned global leader or just starting your cross-cultural journey, this event promises valuable insights for all.

Watch this space for information on guest speakers!