Loving Day: A Landmark for Multi-Racial Relationships - Increasing Visibility, Education, and Community

Thursday, May 30, 2024 Virtual Webinar

Loving Day is celebrated globally on June 12th, originating in the US from a landmark case. An interracial couple were arrested in 1958 simply for being married.

They won their case nine days after their arrest, by arguing that these laws were a continuing of laws intended to oppress the Black community. This session will look at their story, and why it is still significant today.

This webinar is hosted by Courtney Wright, I&D expert from Inclusive Employers.

Courtney Wright joined the Inclusive Employers team in October 2021, from a Human Resources background, bringing practical experience of implementing diversity, inclusion, engagement and wellbeing initiatives in the charity sector.

She has worked closely with Employee Voice Groups and staff networks and champions the value that staff voice can have towards achieving inclusion and diversity aims. Courtney also has a specific interest in social mobility, LGBTQ+ inclusion, ethnicity, and intersectionality. Find out more about Courtney.

What will you learn

  • The history of Loving Day and its impact on society
  • The protected characteristic of marriage and civil partnership in the UK
  • The barriers that interracial couples have faced in the past, and continue to face in society today
  • How to consider interracial relationships and multi-racial identities in our anti-racism and cultural awareness work

Who is this for?

  • Level – Beginner / Intermediate
  • I&D specialists, HR teams, staff networks