Making Sense of EDI and Active Allyship

Friday, November 3, 2023 Imperial College Business School, Lower Ground Floor

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) have become one of the core priorities in organisations. Yet, in 2023, we are not quite where we would like to be and the question on the minds of many of us is - "what can I do to nurture inclusion?"

It can be tempting to treat diversity, equity and inclusion as an issue for others to deal with, but whether you are the most junior team member or the most senior executive, inclusion requires all of us to play a role. So how can we nurture inclusive relationships with our colleagues, and create an environment that values diversity beyond a set of numbers and quotas?

In this talk, Dr. Poornima Luthra will help us make sense of DEI, and provide us with answers to the question - "what can I do?" while drawing on the content of her books, Diversifying Diversity and The Art of Active Allyship. Through 7 identified behaviours, Dr. Luthra gives us the tools we need to take steps towards inclusive workplaces. With concrete solutions and real-life examples, she paints a picture of active allyship, one which encourages us to show up everyday as an active ally.

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