Monday, September 18, 2023 Cardiff City Hall Cardiff Cardiff CF10 3ND

This Conference will be like none other. It will showcase the very many layers of the diversity landscape. It is not just about colour, sexual, orientation, gender, religion and neurodiversity. Together, we will unpack the many ways in which the white population is dissected and being "othered" is not just the monopoly of refugees or the usual suspects. We will be hearing from experts on the many ways societal alienation is allowed to go unchecked, Finance and funding and how diversity is being addressed, the economic benefits of deliberate diversity, how the third sector, the health sector, entrepreneurship, education and more tackle the matter of diversity, the progress being made, the challenges and the gaps.

There will be key note speakers with experts in a multiplicity of fields, zones dedicated to the many aspects of diversity where there will be breakout sessions, workshops and seminars.

There are opportunities to exhibit, meet and greet experts and get answers to difficult questions.