Spiritual Coach Training

Sunday, February 12, 2023 Online Event

Change your Life and help other people change their's

You may be seeking new ways to raise energy, develop spiritually and support others to improve their lives. Are you looking for a change of career? Maybe you are a Yoga Teacher or Coach looking to add new ways of working.

Spiritual Coaching has an important role to play in creating balance, raising energy and supporting people to restore health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.  These are challenging times and many people are seeking Spiritual support.
Our Coaches work with clients in private practice, schools and the workplace.  

Spiritual Coach Training focuses on Energy based theory and practical application. An excellent way to transform your life and gain the qualifications and confidence needed to work with people, coaching them to create greater Health, Happiness and Success.
Take a Quantum Leap – Become a Spiritual Coach

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Caroline Shola Arewa is a leading figure in the world of Spirituality and Wellness. She’s delivered her award-winning work internationally for over 3 decades and authored five books, including bestsellers
Opening to Spirit and Energy 4 Life.

Shola is a Visionary and Pioneer in the fields of Spiritual and Wellness Coaching. Today Shola Trains and Mentors wellness professionals worldwide, empowering you to create, health, happiness and success
in your own life and for your clients.