Event project manager

Job Description

Where: Belfast
When: weekends, weekdays, evenings, flexible
Age: 18-25

Project manager an entire event from conception to delivery. Liaise with external partners and other volunteers to develop an idea and deliver it within a budget.

What else do I need to know?
Are you interested in leading a team to create a one-off or series of events? We’re looking for people who are interested in getting event management experience, especially in science public engagement. The role would involve leading volunteers, helping choose an audience, suitable event format (e.g. debate/workshop/talk/activity/film screening) and venue, and managing a budget.

The British Science Association’s vision is a world where science is at the heart of our culture and society. Our local branches are spread across the UK and run by volunteers from a range of backgrounds. The branches run events in their communities, driven by the interests of the volunteers themselves, and always need help with ideas, marketing and logistics.

About British Science Association

The BSA organises major initiatives across the UK, including British Science Week, the British Science Festival, and the CREST Awards. In addition, the BSA supports regional and local events through its network of volunteer branches. The BSA currently has 35 branches, run by teams of volunteers from a range of backgrounds who organise a variety of events for their communities, driven by the interests of the volunteers themselves. These include family activites, lectures and debates, film screenings, pub quizzes, science-art workshops, and much more. Whether you’re a great organiser, a financial pro, a whizz at graphic design, or someone with lots of ideas, we’d love to hear from you, and our branches could benefit from your involvement.