Force protection RAF Police

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Full Time
  • Post Date: December 21, 2018
Job Description

The RAF Police provides the RAF with a broad spectrum of Security and Law Enforcement capabilities both on the UK home base and on deployed operations. The RAF Police conducts criminal and security investigations, and as specialists in Aviation Security, Counter Intelligence, Protective Security, Law Enforcement, Military Working Dogs, Information and Cyber Security, the RAF Police plays a critical role enabling airpower operations globally. During your career in the RAF Police you could be involved in:

Security activities including:

  • Cyber and Information security
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Security Risk Management
  • Operational threat assessments and advice
  • Air Platform Security Management
  • Airport security (passenger and cargo screening)
  • Personnel security such as security education, vetting and screening

Investigations including:

  • Criminal and security investigations
  • Digital forensics
  • Crime scene examination
  • Criminal intelligence
  • Child support and Domestic Violence
  • Surveillance

RAF Police Dog handling duties including:

  • Protection dogs (Patrol and Police)
  • Detection dogs (Arms Explosive Search, Vehicle Search, Drugs Detection)

Full Time Regular

Initial pay after training

£18,612 + Benefits
Pay during training

£14,931 + Benefits
Entry level


Minimum 3 years post Phase Two Training

Spare Time Reserve

Initial pay after training

Day rates dependent on rank, role and experience
Entry level


27 days per year for 12 years minimum. Each year includes a 15 day block for general RAF training, which is taken over a two week period, and 12 days for additional/trade training, or training exercises.

The possibility of being deployed to a UK or overseas base for up to 6 months after the first year.

3 TPS RAF Honington (Extremely Ltd Vacancies)
502 Sqn Aldergrove Flying Station (Extremely Ltd Vacancies)
603 Sqn Edinburgh
605 Sqn RAF Cosford (Extremely Ltd Vacancies)
607 Sqn RAF Leeming (Extremely Ltd Vacancies)
614 Sqn Cardiff (Extremely Ltd Vacancies)