Mechanical Engineer (FOD Band 3/SEO)

Job Description

This job is based in Basingstoke, South East : Bedford, Eastern : Birmingham, West Midlands : Bootle, North West : Bristol, South West : Chelmsford, Eastern : Glasgow, Scotland : Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber

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Our mechanical engineering specialists help some of our essential industries – with thousands of workers – to work safely. In this role, you can influence not only small individual employers but whole industry sectors.

A career with HSE gives you a rare opportunity to visit and interact with different and diverse employers and work activities. You’ll work alongside the widest range of health and safety specialists in Britain to ensure that employers involved in engineering do so safely. This means you will encounter a massive range of machinery and process industries, from earth moving equipment on construction sites, to passenger lifts in shopping centres.

As you can see this role will broaden your knowledge and your professional credibility like no other role can.

Together, you’ll be helping to protect thousands of people, whether that is from our offices or out on site.

Key Responsibilities

– Forensic analysis of mechanical engineering accidents to identify the cause and where necessary, leading the technical aspect of the investigation, calling in other specialist support and supporting legal action to prevent a recurrence;

– Inspect a variety of workplaces, either on your own or as a specialist team, to make sure mechanical equipment and system risks are handled safely, driving improvements to achieve compliance with the law;

– Advise HSE colleagues on technical matters in support of Health and Safety compliance, through mechanical engineering or procedural control measures and how the conditions compare with minimum legal requirements and good practice;

– Provide specialist opinion in reports and appear as specialist witness at legal proceedings.

– Secure intelligence, share information and advice towards mechanical engineering policy, research, guidance materials to benefit other Government departments, the public, industry, professional bodies and trade associations.

– Contribute as a member of the engineering team to promote Health and Safety improvements to national and international standards at UK and European forums, and at relevant conferences.

You should typically expect to spend 2 to 3 days every week out of the office on site visits and interventions.