Can I Find A Job In The Film And TV Industry?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Well, we all aspire to be a famous Film Producer, wining, and dining with the stars, or maybe a talented Director of Photography going up to receive an Oscar.

However, first you will have to beg someone to give you a break starting at the bottom on a big epic.

If you are wondering how to get into the film industry, you will find that while the runner is the most junior position in any film production department, it’s often the entry point into this career.

It is a runner’s job to carry out administrative tasks and aid the smooth running of film production. Your work will involve setting up locations for a shoot, hiring props and transporting equipment, among other tasks required by the director, actors and other members of the film crew.

As this is a varied and time-demanding role, you will need to be resilient, enthusiastic, and work diligently.

Many runners are hired by being in the right place at the right time or through their contacts rather than their qualifications and can remain in the position for a year or longer before progressing onto researcher roles.

Assistant Floor Managers in TV

To earn some extra cash during my college days in London, I started out working backstage at a large West End theatre as a stagehand at nights.

This got me the all-important Union card, and I ended up going for an interview for the glamourous job in TV as a call boy. Perhaps better known as an Assistant Floor Manager, they took me on, and I worked on a variety of Dramas and Light Entertainment shows.

Great experience making sure all the artists were in the right place and cueing the extras.

Being a runner or an assistant floor manager is a great way to make great make connections. Not only do you meet the stars, but more importantly you mingle with great directors, cameramen, makeup artists and producers, many who freelance. You never know when someone may tell you about a big American block buster coming to town who are looking for crew.

Naturally, the easiest way might be to enroll in one of the many courses offered at dedicated schools such as the NFTS, the National Film and Television School.

Or why not take a two-year BA (Hons) on Filmmaking at the London Film Academy, where most of the teachers are already successful industry Professionals in film and TV.