Job Hunting During A Pandemic

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Society is changing across the world in how we live, eat and work especially since the Covid 19 Pandemic hit us.

That said with the vaccine programmes in full swing, there is optimism around and that goes for employers too. The local bakery will reopen soon, so will the cinema in town and hotels will soon be able to attract paying guests again as well. This means there will be lots of jobs on offer. However, the first step is likely that employers will start their process of job hunting online.

Therefore, since many employers post their open jobs online to gather more qualified candidates, it is important to know how to apply for jobs on the internet.

Knowing how and where to search for jobs online can help you find a role that suits your qualifications.

Each online application process is different, but there are some fundamentals you can learn to make it easier to apply. In this article, we discuss steps you can take to apply for a job online.

You might think that submitting a generic résumé for dozens of different jobs online is a great job search strategy.

But if it’s easy for you to apply, then it will be easy for everyone else, so it’s likely that you will be competing with lots – sometimes even hundreds – of other job seekers, especially for entry level jobs.

If you make the effort to stand out from the crowd you may have a better chance of securing an interview.

Here are five tips may increase your chances of success when applying online:

  1. Read the job description carefully. Make sure you have the skills and experience that the employer is looking for. Think about previous situations when you demonstrated the relevant skills and behaviours the employer requires and how you could clearly express this in your application.
  2. Tailor your application. You must tailor your cover letter and résumé to the specific employer and ensure you include keywords in your application. Many online recruiters use IT programs to scan and automatically discard applications that do not include specific words.
  3. Fill out every field in the application. This is an easy way to provide as much information as you can while demonstrating your interest and enthusiasm for the job. Attention to detail is important to make sure your application is complete and error-free.
  4. Review your social media profile. If you are applying for jobs online, make sure you have a positive online presence. Many employers will look you up online to verify the claims in your application. They might for example look at your profile on LinkedIn. You should check your social media privacy settings to ensure employers cannot access any information you would rather they did not see.
  5. Triple-check your content for spelling, content, and grammar mistakes. Review your application before you submit it. Once you click ‘submit’ your information is sent directly to the recruiter. Remember that first impressions count, so make the best one you can when you apply.
  6. Update your resume.

Remember before you apply for online jobs, update your resume, and draft a basic cover letter. Your resume should include your current contact information and your full employment history. Save your resume under a simple title containing the word “resume” that is easy for hiring managers to identify, with your first name, your last name, and the current year.

You can use Google Docs to draft your resume for free, then save it on Google Drive and export it as a PDF document when you need to apply for jobs online.

  1. Zoom Prepared.

With many companies now using Zoom or similar videoing systems to hold meetings, why not add your Zoom account details so a busy HR manager can possibly contact you for a one to one interview.