UK Music Launches Landmark 2024 Diversity Survey to Chart Inclusivity in the Music Industry

Monday, January 22, 2024

In a pivotal move set to reshape the landscape of the British music industry, UK Music has officially launched its 2024 Workforce Diversity Survey. This extensive survey is a critical step in assessing and enhancing diversity and inclusivity across a wide spectrum of the music sector, including record labels, management companies, publishers, studios, and educational institutions.

Survey's Extensive Scope

The 2024 Workforce Diversity Survey represents a comprehensive effort to gather meaningful data from various corners of the UK music industry. It aims to paint a detailed picture of the current state of diversity within the sector, reaching out to professionals in roles ranging from managerial to creative. The initiative is part of UK Music's broader commitment to fostering an inclusive industry that reflects the diversity of its audience and society at large.

Aims and Objectives

The primary objective of this groundbreaking survey is to track the progress and challenges in achieving diversity and inclusivity within the music industry. By examining a broad array of factors such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, neurodiversity, caring responsibilities, religion, and age, UK Music seeks to identify areas where the industry can improve and celebrate where it excels.

The Importance of Inclusivity

The launch of the survey comes at a time when conversations around diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of the cultural discourse. The music industry, known for its influential role in shaping societal trends, is under increasing scrutiny to ensure that it is as diverse and inclusive as its audience. This survey is a step towards ensuring that these conversations translate into tangible actions and outcomes.

Industry Leaders Weigh In

Eunice Obianagha, head of diversity at UK Music, emphasised the importance of the survey, stating, “It gives us an opportunity to delve deeper into issues that can be challenging to navigate in the workplace and fosters forums for open discussion and resolution.” The survey is seen as a vital tool for driving change and ensuring that the music industry remains a vibrant and inclusive space.

The 2024 Workforce Diversity Survey by UK Music is more than just a data-gathering exercise; it is a catalyst for change. The insights gained from this survey are expected to guide the industry towards greater inclusivity, reflecting a commitment to celebrating diversity in all its forms. As the music industry continues to evolve, this survey will play a crucial role in ensuring that it remains a welcoming and representative space for all.