Supporting evidence-based and inclusive decision making, to deliver a more inclusive society with better outcomes for all.

At Traverse we believe that an inclusive society that works for everyone must be based on good evidence, and the voices of citizens. Our work spans research, engagement, consultation and evaluation, but is underpinned by a focus on:

  • Rigour: we deliver high quality evidence based on rigorous methods.
  • Inclusive practice: in order to involve the widest range of voices in our work we are continually developing our practice to reflect the diversity of society.
  • Lived experience: we believe that the people affected by a decision should have a role in it that goes beyond being informed.
  • Capacity building: as an employee owned business we know the value of collaboration, and we help our clients to develop the skills and capability to make good decisions.

We want to help people have a say in decisions that affect their lives. However, we know that people are often excluded from the standard processes and structures that exist, and that some people are excluded more often than others. We are actively working to improve our research practices to remove barriers and provide inclusive spaces. At the same time we are working on our own culture and employment practices to ensure Traverse is an inclusive place to work too.