Interview With Green Park’s Christian Bathews

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Though Christian Bathews only joined Green Park in October, he’s already making his expertise count. A Senior Consultant in our People Solutions Practice, he understands what clients want to achieve in digital terms – and what they really need.

Christian is exactly the sort of person you want advising you on digital and technical matters. Having tackled everything from massive tech mergers to high volume campaigns, he has extensive experience of national and international recruitment gained in the UK and the US. Now part of the Green Park People Solutions team, Christian is providing tailored solutions, specialising in digital transformation and technology innovation.

“Clearly, digital means something different for every organisation,” he says. “My job is to understand what it means to each individual client. At the moment, digital transformation is a key challenge across sectors and I help clients understand what their journey to tackling this will look like. A company such as Google will have vastly different needs to a public sector organisation.”

As Christian stresses, when it comes to digital transformation, no two businesses are the same. And that’s where he believes People Solutions really comes into its own.

“We partner with clients to really understand their short-term and long-term organisational goals and anticipate their needs. We like to be proactive, consultative and strategic. So, instead of just providing immediate solutions, we look at where a business will be in three months’ time, three years’ time and so on.   We’ll also look at the market and at what competitors are doing. We’re not afraid to suggest alternative solutions and ask ‘How can we help you with your whole journey?’ What’s more, Green Park will advise on diversity and brand, in addition to our clients’ workforce needs. Nobody else is operating in that area.”

With a career that’s taken him through the boom and the California Silicone Valley tech scene, Christian has the insight to ask the right questions and offer expert guidance. He’s helped major names with digital transformation across the UK and US, from a central London council to one of the video gaming industry’s biggest and brightest names. At Green Park, Christian has already made his mark.

“Recently, we’ve helped a major government department create a dashboard to monitor suppliers. Supplier bills can easily run into tens of millions of pounds, so making sure these suppliers meet SLAs and offer value for money makes a massive difference.”

As well as helping clients make an impact on the bottom line, Christian follows the fast-evolving tech world closely. Right now, he believes CX, UX and security are key:

“Creating a great customer journey is more important than ever. Then there’s the question of moving data off-premises to the Cloud. And, as the internet of things expands, security will be critical.”

With this insight into future trends, Christian is a hugely valuable asset. But how does he feel Green Park’s People Solutions Practice will cope with new developments?

“Changing and evolving isn’t difficult for Green Park. After all, it’s a challenger brand – adapting is in its DNA. It can scale up and down to meet any project needs. The business is agile and can rely on an amazing network of professionals. I can’t imagine a situation where we wouldn’t be able to help.”

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