Do You Have Job Search Plan?

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 Finding a job takes time, involves a lot of research, patience, and a bit of creativity as well.

Where for example should you look for the current vacancies….is it really worth going to job agencies…. are you writing a convincing covering letter when applying???

Sounds complicated, but with a bit of forethought and planning you can hopefully attract the employer’s attention, and jump to the head of the queue.

Step one of course would be to ensure that you have an up to date professional looking CV, that will help you beat all the other job seekers, who are likely to be applying for exactly the same jobs that you are hoping to land.

Start Searching

It was not too long ago that searching for job meant rushing out to buy the early edition of the local newspaper, or looking at all the job cards in the agency’s windows.

Luckily nowadays with the online world we live in, most of the searching can all be done at home on your laptop.

You can check out hundreds of websites, and just type in the profession you are interested in, and up will pop up details in a second.

Maybe you are not sure exactly what you want to do, or are thinking of making a career move. So, why not think of your ideal job and type it in and search.

Naturally, you can search by location, region, or maybe even overseas positions, where perhaps the competition maybe not be so intense.

Since the pandemic, many firms are now saving on renting large offices, so you could try searching working online as well.

As many will be doing the same, finding a suitable job from a newspaper advert or online is perhaps one of the easiest ways of locating a job vacancy.

But being easy, could mean you will most likely find that many other job seekers also want the same job that you want.

So, to stay on top of the pile of applicants apart from your up to date CV, try to keep your covering letter or email, short, and straight to the point.

Put yourself in the mind of the headhunter. They maybe be swamped with applicants, so will not have time to read more than the first two paragraphs.

So, do make sure those opening paragraphs explains to them why you are interested in their company and its business, and why you think you are qualified to take their position.

Happy job hunting to you all.

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