Careers in the RAF

Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Royal Air Force gives you opportunities you won’t find in any other career. The experience you gain with us will equip you to work at the top of your field, both in the UK and overseas.


Most employers obsess over qualifications and ignore qualities, put experience above potential and have a very narrow range of jobs options on offer.

A career in the RAF is about discovering your natural talent and working out together what makes you valuable, productive and happy.

From the chefs to the jet pilots they send out on full stomachs, the RAF is full of ordinary folks, just like you, who came to us, often with nothing more than a desire to lead a less ordinary existence. 


At any level or position your personal success is vital to make us succeed too. We are dedicated to your future, as it is essential to ours. You will receive basic and specialist training in your field and we even provide the option to pay for your education. Throughout your career your future is actively encouraged.

Our structure is dedicated to giving you responsibility. If you need to make sure 200 personnel are fed in less than two hours or are responsible for the maintenance of 20 typhoon jets you will be given these opportunities earlier than in any civilian career.


The RAF recognises the value of a person’s ability no matter their ethnicity, nationality, national origins, social background, religion or belief, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status or civil partnership. We believe the talents and skills of individuals from different groups make for a more efficient RAF. Any specific eligibility criteria for entry (such as Medical or Nationality / Residency) are listed on each role page.

The RAF is committed to promoting and developing equality, diversity and inclusion within the Service and we expect you to read and understand our policy and expectations prior to your selection interview.


Diversity is the ways in which we all differ including (but not limited to) our race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, physical attributes, disabilities, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio‑economic background, life experiences (including marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity), skills and the way we think and do things.

Inclusion is the action of embracing these differences. Inclusion is about valuing and harnessing people’s unique backgrounds, talents, perspectives and insights for the benefit of individuals and the organisation.


Not only will you gain a professional qualification that’s recognised in the civilian world, you’ll also have a guaranteed job in your chosen field once you’ve completed it.

You’ll receive the very best training and, as well as getting paid to learn, you’ll get the chance to travel the world, play sport and perform an important role in the RAF as well as dedicated on base medical and dental care.

We currently have 23 roles to choose from that come with RAF apprenticeships rated Outstanding by Ofsted. They are available in a broad and diverse range of careers including aviation operations, engineering, hospitality & catering and IT.


To gain an apprenticeship in the RAF you still need to meet all of the entry requirements for whichever role it is for and get through all stages of the application process. You will gain the apprenticeship as part of your phase two training, in total the process of gaining your apprenticeship can last 1 year to 3 years of training.


The range of qualifications you can earn in the RAF range from a level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSEs), a level 3 (equivalent to 2 ‘A’ levels) all the way through to a level 7, which is equivalent to a Masters degree.


Nationally recognised as the UK’s top major apprenticeship employer - Macro Employer of the Year in the 2017 National Apprenticeship Awards and Ofsted Outstanding Training Provider.

The RAF has won 10th place in the 2020 Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers Award.