Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Youth and Community Work Settings

Thursday, December 7, 2023 Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN)

The course explores how to embed legislation and best practice to ensure an inclusive experience for all involved in youth work delivery.

To recognise Human Rights Day (10th December), Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) are delighted to offer this course specifically aimed at the youth and play sector. Anti-discriminatory practice is a core value within youth, play and community work disciplines therefore an embedded understanding of EDI is essential for the wellbeing of service users and employees. The course will explore integrating EDI themes within working practices and delivery, key considerations on how EDI practices ensure a safe and positive experience for both young person and organisation, and how to ensure best practice is adhered to.

The course will cover the following objectives:

1. For staff to feel included and represented within their organisation

2. For staff to have an understanding of current legislation and protected characteristics

3. For staff to feel able to challenge others on inappropriate or offensive language

4. For staff to understand the importance of self-awareness and how to apply this in practice

5. For staff to understand the barriers that young people may face in accessing services and put measures in place to overcome them

6. For staff to feel confident in ensuring session delivery is accessible and inclusive

The training will be delivered by two GMYN trainers with a wealth of experience delivering training and equalities work. Training participants are encouraged to complete a short pre-course assessment form to ensure your desired learning areas are covered. This form will be emailed to you in advance of the training course. Attendees will also receive an electronic certificate of attendance and be invited to complete a post course evaluation form to provide essential feedback on your course experience.

This training is also available for whole staff teams. If you would be interested in discussing this further please contact myrtle.finley@gmyn.co.uk

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