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Diversity Dashboard is a platform that aims to promote diversity and inclusion in various aspects of the UK workplace. The platform offers fresh and informative content that informs, engages, and challenges readers on relevant issues of the day, such as government policy, legislation, best practice, and innovation, while emphasizing the benefits that diversity and inclusion bring to UK businesses.

Unlike some job boards, Diversity Dashboard strives to provide a simple and user-friendly experience for candidates and recruiters, offering quick and efficient routes for applying to jobs and posting job requirements.

The platform's partners are companies and organizations that actively seek to recruit from minority groups, irrespective of race, gender, ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation. These forward-thinking employers understand that a diverse workforce brings unique knowledge, skills, and experience, which can benefit their businesses.


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Teaching Associate in Semiconductor Skills

Sheffield | £37,099 to £39,347

Are you interested in working for a world top 100 university? We have a great opportunity in the Faculty of Engineering for someone looking to utilise semiconductor knowledge to make a positive difference. You will help in raising public awareness of...


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Professor of Integrative and Systems Neuroscience

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire | £68,857

The School of Biological Sciences is pleased to invite applications for three new Professor posts, available from October 2024: Professor of Integrative and Systems Neuroscience Professor of Evolutionary Networks Professor of Biotic Interactions The...


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