Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Pilot

Job Description

The Reaper is controlled by crews of professional pilots, sensor operators and Mission Intelligence Co-ordinators centrally from Ground Control Stations. Your job includes controlling the aircraft and going through the same preparation such as pre-flight planning, comprehensive briefing, hand-over, weather, intelligence and usual air-space flight considerations as any other daily routine on a flying squadron.

Typical Responsibilities

  • Control the Reaper for persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and, if required, ground-attack missions worldwide
  • Mission planning and ground-based staff duties

Training You'll Receive

Your career will start with a 24-week Initial Officer Training where you will learn:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Fitness development
  • Practical outdoor leadership skills

Specialist Training

Your specialist training begins with a bespoke version of Elementary Flying Training (EFT), including ground school and then flying the Tutor aircraft. You will complete the Tutor training with an Instrument Flight Test and Final Handling Test before being awarded RPAS(P) wings. You will then go to the Reaper Formal Training Unit (FTU) in the USA to train on the aircraft you will be flying operationally.

The FTU is completed at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, USA. You will spend 6 months completing the ground school elements and learning how to operate the aircraft, including weapons.

Applicants Must:

In addition, you need at least 2 A2 Levels/3 Highers at Grade C or above (excluding General Studies or Critical Thinking) which must total a minimum of 64 UCAS points.

Alternatively, if you hold a UK degree at Grade 2:2 or higher (or acceptable alternative) you only need Mathematics and English Language GCSEs at a minimum of Grade C (Grade 4-5) or Mathematics and English Language SCE Standard Grades of 2 or SNE Grade 5 (A-C).

You can see what the RAF accepts in lieu of GCSEs & A Levels here.