The Solaris Annual Leadership Conference Series: Celebrating Black Futures!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 30 Euston Square 30 Euston Square London NW1 2FB

A summit of minds: learn, connect, collaborate and shape the future. Celebrate achievement and diversity in an environment where you belong.

Solaris is a global executive leadership development academy designed for the black woman in organisations. Our leadership programmes help you to align your aspirations with tangible career advancement.

Our Tenets

Love - the unconditional acceptance of self and others and the willingness and ability to see the human being in all without exception.

Leadership - the unyielding belief that we all are leaders regardless of our status in the organisation.

Results - an understanding that as leaders, a key role we have is to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Our Vision

Transforming workplaces to having 10% of mission-critical roles entrusted to under-represented groups, and 10% of those in turn to be entrusted to a woman of black heritage. We believe that through the advancement of the leader of Black Heritage, the organisation becomes one in which ALL of its employees without exception, can thrive.

Our Annual Leadership Conference Series - Celebrating Black Futures, is an opportunity to celebrate the power of collaboration, diversity and inclusion. A day where we take stock of the present and look to the future.

It will be a summit of minds where we will learn, connect, collaborate and shape the future. Celebrate achievements and diversity in an environment where you unequivocally belong - no matter your background and experiences.

Our speakers will touch on topics that are front of mind. They will provoke, be authentic, share perspective and provide insight into what it will take to enable tangible progress for the good of all.

Our delegates - men and women business leaders - will be from across a variety of industry sectors, united by one purpose - a belief in the power of diversity, equity and inclusion and the appreciation that only together can we win!

Looking forward to welcoming you, your team and your colleagues!

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