Careers in the Maritime Industries

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Take the plunge Our seas, oceans and inland waterways are of huge importance in terms of resources, the environment and conservation, trade and industry, marine sciences and leisure activity.

Maritime activities are essential to our trade and prosperity, they underpin our quality of life by facilitating the safe, reliable and low-cost movement of foodstuffs, consumer goods and raw materials. Over 95% of all Britain's imports and exports go by sea. Fifty million people travel to, from and around the UK by ferry each year. We are technological leaders in offshore oil and gas extraction, and strong in marine manufacturing. T

There are plenty of exciting careers in the maritime sector to choose from – both on and offshore. As a Deck, Engineering or Electro-technical Officer you could be in charge of operating and managing commercial ships. While becoming a Rating would make the most of your broad seafaring skills – from navigation and engine room maintenance to Catering, Hospitality and other Onboard Services. 

For shore-based jobs in ship management and other marine industries, you’ll find incredibly varied and rewarding opportunities such as maritime law, surveying ships or training future seafarers.