Positive Action and Fair Recruitment: Diverse & Inclusive UK Talent

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 Webinar

Many organisations are taking the time to review their recruitment process through an inclusion lens and are looking for ways to make the experience more inclusive and attract and retain amazing diverse talent. 

During this webinar we will shine a light on Positive Action as a really powerful recruitment tool and how it is a great opportunity to make your organisation more diverse, more inclusive, more fair and more representative of the service users or customers of your organisation. Engaging in positive action activities means you are making space for others who face marginalisation and significant barriers. Positive Action does not only occur in recruitment, but in this webinar, we will address how to put positive action into practice when seeking new employees.

This webinar is hosted by Sharon Cooper, I&D expert from Inclusive Employers.

Sharon is the Head of Organisational Development and joined Inclusive Employers in July 2021 and brought with her 21 years of implementing meaningful learning interventions. With over 11 years experience of working in the Housing Sector in the UKs first Mutual Housing Association, Sharon had led on various innovative cultural and leadership programmes. Sharon has a proven track record of implementing practical solutions which connect hearts and minds and achieve successful outcomes. Find out more about Sharon.

What will you learn

  • What is positive action and what does the law say?
  • Why you should engage in positive action
  • Benefits of positive action
  • Real life success stories
  • How to develop a positive action strategy for recruitment

Who is this for?

  • Level – Intermediate / Advanced
  • I&D specialists, recruitment specialists

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