Unlocking the Power of Diversity in your Team and Business

Friday, March 15, 2024 Co-Space Stevenage

This workshop will outline how coaching culture can help your managers foster inclusivity across your teams and and business.

Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic at the moment. At a time when businesses are struggling to recruit and retain talented employees, Hertfordshire Growth Hub has partnered with Rachel Steele of Huddle to bring you an interactive in-person workshop designed to help you enable diversity and inclusion in your workplace with a view to improving your recruitment and retention strategy.

How do we help our people to show up and feel genuinely welcome at work? it takes more than asking how their weekend was.

Diversity in the workforce is proven to be an advantage for businesses - but without an inclusive culture, it’s difficult to harness the full power of difference.

We’re all different, and if we’re comfortable to be ourselves then we are more likely to share insights and ideas to move forwards – as opposed to saying what we think is expected to maintain the status quo. We all have our own unique collection of strengths and weaknesses, communication style, knowledge and life experiences that give us our perspective on the world and people around us.

Attend this workshop to :

  • Improve your understanding of what is meant by diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Learn more about the benefits of a diverse workplace
  • Gain practical tips about improving diversity and inclusion in your business

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