English Touring Theatre


ETT are a UK based international touring company. We create theatre of outstanding quality, imagination and ambition; work which interrogates and celebrates contemporary England and reflects the diversity of our nation. ETT is a limited company and a registered charity receiving significant funding from Arts Council England and is a National Portfolio Organisation.


We believe in the power of creative collaboration, and work in partnership with visionary artists and venues to create work on a variety of scales.

We believe that touring is a democratic and imaginative way to invite audiences to engage with the world through storytelling. At the heart of our practice is a drive to entertain, engage, challenge and
inspire. We believe in celebrating diversity by placing an examination of contemporary English identity at the heart of everything we do.


We make work that is imaginative, responsive and alive: sparking dialogue and fostering connectivity. We are proud to tour projects that reach the widest possible range of audiences across the UK and beyond, engaging in a national and global conversation. We lead an inclusive and respectful culture.