Clinical Research Fellow in Psychosis Studies

Job Description

Applications are invited for medically qualified trainee in psychiatry, neurology or related discipline with some research experience. The post holder will play a key role in a Wellcome Trust funded programme: Mental Health and Justice (MHJ). The focus is on Decision Making Capacity and will address questions such as: How does metacognition/DMC fluctuate in neuropsychiatric illness/injury? What is the effect of varying mood? Is DMC domain specific? We will also examine social effects on metacognition and whether standard neuropsychological tests are useful in assessing DMC.

Experimental work will include healthy volunteers and people with different conditions such as early dementia, brain injury, mood disorders and psychosis. We will use standard cognitive task plus those derived from neuroeconomics (eg delay discounting), moral reasoning, and those pioneered by our collaborator Steve Fleming (at UCL) which measure confidence in decisions at a given level of accuracy (“meta-d’”). We will apply the same paradigms (adjusted for difficulty) to enable comparison between healthy and clinical groups. The work will quantify disorder-related deficits and examine whether these are common across disorders or disorder-specific.

The post holder will also be expected to work with the other work streams (legal, philosophical, social science, policy) within the programme.

The salary will be paid at Grade Clinical Research Fellow, £31,931 – £48,123 per annum, according to experience and qualifications plus £2,162 London Weighting Allowance per annum.

The selection process will include a panel interview