Do You Use Your LinkedIn Profile To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd?

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LinkedIn has a staggering 450 million members globally, so it has become a fantastic way for you to connect and be found.

In fact, 1000s of recruiters and employers search LinkedIn daily to find suitable candidates for their job vacancies. They may want to interview you!

Today, especially during this worldwide pandemic, employers are receiving 100s of CVs for every job they advertise.

Therefore, do you think your CV stands out?

If you want to compete and secure the interviews and job offers that you desire, do you know really know how to identify and market your skills, experience and achievements. Have you really created a compelling CV that convinces employers to interview you instead of the other hundreds of applicants?

Anyone could be searching your profile, even your current boss or human resources manager, who could be considering someone within your company for a promotion.

Perhaps if your LinkedIn profile is not generating any interest, then now is the time to make some changes.

First impressions in this hectic world of ours counts for a lot, so think of your self as a human product and your profile is like a sales brochure to sell YOU!!!

Apart from listing your education achievements and your career experience and positions to date, try to add some of your skills, talents and achievements that will make your LinkedIn Profile stand out, and attract the attention of both employers and recruiters.

Try to ensure your profile contains only the most relevant information that will quickly make others want to meet you.

Keep it short with powerfully worded information, rather than bore them to tears And also demonstrate how you’ve used your skills to add value in each job and how you can therefore add value at your next employer, so they can clearly see the benefits of employing you.

A bit of tweaking here and there can make all the difference. Good luck!

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