AI on the Rise: The Importance of Humanness in Hiring

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2024 by Jenny AdairNo comments

While AI can be used to help you write emails and provide feedback for interviews, you will want the human touch if you’re considering an applicant for a longer period. This person-to-person approach can be more welcoming and helpful if you plan to maintain contact with a candidate for future roles.

The human touch is also useful for headhunting. If you know someone who would be the perfect fit for your business, it is best to reach out to them personally rather than through a system.

Handling sensitive situations

The recruitment process isn’t simply hiring someone new. Sometimes, it is handling sensitive situations which require some humanness rather than technology. This can include during layoffs, for employee wellbeing, or during a difficult negotiation.

Using technology during these situations can present your company as unfeeling and difficult to work with, and it could even cause a loss in employees if sensitive situations aren’t handled with care. Whether handling the death of a colleague’s family member or long-term sickness, ensuring you’re caring for your employees means adding the human touch to these moments.

AI might be used throughout our daily lives, but it cannot replace the human touch. Whether it is concern and care or needing a bit of judgment, the human touch is essential for getting the best results for your business. By balancing automated systems and a human-centric approach to HR, you can get the best results for your business and your employees.


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